Hospital Pets

Johnny – a.k.a. “grumpy old man”


Johnny came to live with us in early 2006 and currently lives upstairs in the doctor’s offices. He LOVES to drink water from a running faucet and never misses lunch time with his employees. If we’re eating, he’s trying to help himself!! Some of Johnny’s favorite things to do are to sit and look out the windows and watch the world go by, “help” the girls do their paperwork (and by that I mean sit in the middle of our paperwork) and take long naps in his bed. He comes downstairs in the morning to greet all of our staff as they arrive.




Sabre has lived at South Towne Veterinary Hospital since he was a young cat. He has many allergies to silly things like plastic bowls! Sabre is a favorite of the Gschrey family especially. He enjoys finding places to hide and sleep. He also provides comic relief to our staff on long, stressful days and has a face to love.




Red Footed Tortoise

Diamond is a red footed tortoise that enjoys the small things in life. He loves to wander the hospital during our quiet times. He loves to snack on dandelion greens, bagels and raspberries. He is very laid back and loved by our staff.


Snape and Mr. Norris

Snape and Mrs. Norris

Severe Macaws

Rescued by the Humane Society 15+ years ago and adopted by Dr. Gschrey. They enjoy animal crackers, pistachio nuts along with their other diet. They love when young children and other birds come to visit. They like to talk and sing and entertain to whoever will listen.