What is a kennel attendant?

Kennel attendants provide professional animal care services and care for pets in the absence of their owners.  They clean cages and dog runs, replenish food and water supplies, and exercise animals.  Other duties entail basic animal health care and some grooming services along with assisting in some obedience training.


What does a kennel attendant do?

On a typical day a kennel attendant working with small animals in a clinical practice will:

  • Care for hospitalized patients, such as walking dogs
  • Maintain a clean hospital inside and outside
  • Clean patient and boarder cages / kennels
  • Laundry duties
  • May help to restrain patients for the doctors
  • Restock the hospital supplies
  • Assist any members of the veterinary team throughout the day



Bonnie Wegenka

Kennel Attendant





Taylor Rice

Kennel Attendant