Office Manager

What is a veterinary office manager?

The office manager is responsible for a variety of management tasks such as personnel management and shift scheduling, interviewing and training new hires, taking inventory, overseeing payroll, ordering supplies, and tracking accounts payable or receivable. Office managers must have excellent organizational and leadership skills. A veterinary office manager may receive on the job training or become certified from an accredited college program.


What responsibilities does a veterinary office manager have?

The Veterinary Office Manager’s primary duties include overseeing hospital operations,

supervising the hospital staff and monitoring customer service and satisfaction. Additional responsibilities are:

  • Funds and resource management
  • Conducting annual employee reviews
  • Interviewing potential candidates for job positons
  • Hiring and firing of employees
  • Training front end staff
  • Billing and receiving payments
  • Coordination of past due accounts with collection agencies


Tara Stein

Office Manager