Tech Assistants

What is a Technician Assistant?

Veterinary assistants support the veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians. They work mainly in clinics and hospitals, helping technicians treat the injuries and illnesses of animals. They can work in small private practices or large veterinary hospitals. Veterinary assistants are responsible for keeping the hospital area clean and safe. They bathe, clean and disinfect animal cages, sterilize surgical equipment and perform daily caretaking tasks.


What responsibilities do technician assistants have?

On a typical day a technician assistant working in a clinical practice will:

  • Restraint of animals during an exam
  • Clean & disinfect exam rooms and work areas
  • Sterilize laboratory and surgical equipment
  • Provide post-operative monitoring of animals
  • Prepare samples for laboratory examination under a veterinarian or veterinarian technician’s supervision


Jacquie Sassone

Groomer / Kennel Attendant / Technician Assistant